SkillShare -Student Subscription

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Annual Subscription

Available to learners (13 years and up), students, teachers, lecturers, and staff of education institutions.

Important information – Software is web based and therefore requires an internet connection.

Online Learning that Drives Creativity, Innovation, and Development

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What can I learn?

Skillshare offers over 22,000 classes -
4,000 classes on Adobe
4,500 Business Classes
650 classes on Microsoft
1,615 Marketing classes
537 Leadership & Management classes
872 Freelance & Entrepreneurship classes
567 Data Science classes
1,500 Animation classes
3,000 Illustrator classes
3,000 Fine Art classes
2,000 Graphic design classes

What else does Skillshare offer?

Join a set of classes on a timeline so you can keep yourself accountable.

Learn by doing by creating a project at the end of each class.

Improve by engaging with an active community of teachers and creatives.

Skillshare offers mobile, casting, and offline capabilities so you can learn whenever you want.


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